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China Says Vanilla Flavor Is Out For Babies

China's Ministry of Health has drafted a rule requiring that no edible flavorings may be added to baby food.

According to the "Rule on Using Spice in Infant Food and Cereals" published on the MOH website, all formula food for babies less than six months old must not have any edible flavor added.

The rule says that such edible flavor as vanillin, ethylvanillin and vanilla bean concentrate can be used for food for babies more than six months old, but they should be used in proper quantities. The rule states that the maximum use of vanillin, ethylvanillin and vanilla bean concentrates in food for children over six months old should be 5mg/100ml, 5mg/100ml and as required for production, respectively. The rule says that vanillin can be used in cereal food except for infant formula cereal powder and its maximum concentration is limited to 7mg/100g.

The rule stresses that manufacturers should calculate the use of edible flavorings in food and cereal based on the above proportions as well as the total quantity of the food or cereal.

The rule says that baby food and cereal produced before September 1, 2009 and according to the Food Additive Use and Sanitation Standard (GB2760-2007) can be sold until it reaches its expiry date.

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