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SEF To Set Up Taiwanese Boutiques In Mainland Department Stores

According to a report in Taiwanese local media, Gao Konglian, secretary general and vice chairman of the board of directors for the Straits Exchange Foundation, said that to assist Taiwanese businessmen to enter into the Chinese mainland market, the Straits Exchange Foundation planned to cooperate with Taiwan-based department stores which run business on the mainland to set up Taiwan boutique areas.

The report said Kong had been to Shenzhen and Dongguan to learn about the operating situation of Taiwan businesses in these cities. He said most of the Taiwanese businesses there said the cross-strait direct transport agreement brought convenience to their companies' distribution and supply chain management.

They hope Taiwan and the mainland could sign a memorandum as soon as possible to allow Taiwanese banks to enter the mainland market, which could make it easier for Taiwanese companies to gain financial support for the development of their businesses.

Reacting to these hopes, Kong said the Straits Exchange Foundation was planning to cooperate with Taiwanese retailers who had been successful in penetrating the Chinese mainland, including RT-Mart and Pacific Department Store, to promote Taiwan-made boutique products to mainland consumers.

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