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Guanshengyuan To Explore Overseas Market With High-end Product

According to Weng Mao, chairman of Guanshengyuan Group, the company is preparing for a new market plan to launch a high-end product in overseas markets in 2009 and the product will be sold on the Chinese domestic market at the same time.

The Chinese candy maker said that the new product would be sold under the White Rabbit brand, but it would be an ungraded product compared with the current White Rabbit candy. With the launch of the new product, the current White Rabbit candy would no longer appear in the overseas markets.

Weng said that the company had completed 95% of the re-deployment of its White Rabbit candy across China since the melamine scandal. However, its business in overseas markets was still suspended.

Guangshengyuan's White Rabbit candy was once exported to 40 countries and regions worldwide. Affected by the melamine scandal that originated from the Chinese milk industry, the company suspended all export of its product.

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