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Wuhan: No More Than Two Drugstores Within 500 Meters

Wuhan Food and Drug Administration has published a ruling on rational distribution of retail drugstores in Wuhan City, which says if two retail drugstores have been opened within an area of radius 500 meters, no new drugstores would be allowed to opened in this area.

The rules will be adopted in the seven central districts, four development zones, and the six suburban districts of Wuhan and the trial period for the ruling will last for one year.

The ruling defines the 500-meter-radius by taking the proposed drugstore as the center of a circle, if there re already two drugstores in this circle, the proposed drugstore will not allowed to be opened.

At the same time, if a new drugstore can meet the standard for separation, it should also meet one of the following conditions — either the owner of the drugstore is a licensed pharmacist or the all existing retail drugstores of the company have passed GSP certification.

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