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Quanjude To Open First Restaurant In Taiwan

According to a spokesperson for the Quanjude Group, the group has agreed to cooperate with Her Bian Food and Beverage Group in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to open the first Quanjude restaurant in Taiwan.

The general manager of Quanjude's marketing department told local media that Quanjude has a good reputation in Taiwan, so the group is optimistic about the prospects of its new restaurant in Taiwan.

However, he said that it is the first time that a Chinese mainland catering company has set up a branch in Taiwan, so some detailed arrangements such as the transfer of staff, work permits, and raw material imports still need to be confirmed after the signing of relevant agreements between Taiwan and the mainland. Therefore, it will still be some time before Taiwan's local residents taste the famous Quanjude roast duck.

Quanjude completed registration in Taiwan early in 2002. To set up a branch in Taiwan as soon as possible, Quanjude sent staff to investigate the Taiwanese market on many occasions. The Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Shangri-la Taipei once invited Quanjude's chefs to present a ten-day roast duck feast, which was popular with local consumers with daily sales of over 60 roast ducks.

Founded in 1864, Quanjude has a history of over 140 years. So far, the Beijing-headquartered restaurant group has had more than 80 outlets on the Chinese mainland in addition to branches in countries such as Japan and Australia.

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