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Beijing Clamps Down On Illegal Moutai Stores

The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Beijing Consumers' Association have jointly started an action to fight fake Moutai liquors and more than 100 stores which illegally sold fake Moutai liquors were punished.

The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce teamed up with the manufacturers of Moutai to fight illegal Moutai specialty stores. These stores made unauthorized use of the advertisements and signs related to the Kweichow Moutai without the approval of the manufacturers. Law enforcement staff warned 84 unauthorized specialty stores and ordered the owners to make restitution within a specified time and remove the illegal advertisements and signs.

According to the statistics from Kweichow Moutai, so far about more than 100 illegal Moutai specialty stores were closed in Beijing alone.

A spokesperson from the company said that the Moutai liquors, which were marked with "specially supplied for army" or "specially supplied for internal use", were fake Moutai products and the company had never produced such products.

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