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China's Suning Cooperates With Whirlpool

The Chinese electronics retailer Suning has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the American appliances maker Whirlpool to sell Whirlpool's water heaters in Suning's chain stores around China.

Suning says that the first batch of Whirlpool water heaters will be sold in Suning's 155 stores in 26 Chinese cities, including those in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Nanjing. In the future, these products will be deployed in all Suning stores in its nationwide retail network.

Wang Zhe, executive vice president for Suning's appliances marketing headquarters, says that Suning has made a plan to sell 150,000 Whirlpool water heaters in 2009. During the initial launch of these water heaters, consumers can buy the products at discounted prices.

Wang added that as the only strategic partner of Whirlpool in China, Suning has the exclusive sales rights and the exclusive agency rights for Whirlpool in China. In addition, it will be the first retailer to sell all of Whirlpool's new products in the country and will be in charge of the marketing and after-sale services of Whirlpool's water heaters.

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