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Tianjin Department Stores Make Six Promises To Consumers

According to the Tianjin Commission for Commerce, a number of Tianjin's large and medium-sized department stores have made six promises about providing a good shopping environment, quality products, and convenient service to consumers.

The six promises include firstly: to implement the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law and the Food Hygiene Law in full.

Secondly: to enhance after-sales service.

Thirdly: to enhance operation and management, and to implement the provisions of the Price Law and offer accurate information on product pricing.

Fourthly: to insist on honesty and trustworthiness; to observe the law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers and realize a consumer satisfaction rate of over 80%; to observe the Administrative Measures for Fair Transactions Between Retailers and Suppliers and realize a supplier satisfaction rate of over 80%.

Fifthly: to improve the business environment for the benefit of the consumer.

And finally: to a ensure safe operation with proper fire precautions and by identifying and addressing potential hazards.

Retailers which have made these promises include: Quanyechang, Zowee Department Stores, Binjiang Market, Hisense Plaza, La Vita, Binjiang Shopping Center, Baixin Gold & Jewelry Shop, Maigo, Carrefour, Metro, Tesco, and Century Mart.

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