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Tesco Opens Energy-saving Store In Northeast China

International retailing giant Tesco has opened a new store in Tieling in northeast China which is reportedly the first energy-saving Tesco outlet in the region.

Built in accordance with Tesco's standard for energy-saving stores, the Tesco Tieling Guangyu Store has an advanced energy management system that makes large-scale use of a range of energy-saving equipment including a brand new ventilation system, electronic expansion valves, high efficiency energy saving draught fans, and high efficiency electronic ballasts to help reduce the power consumption of air-conditioners and refrigerators. It is expected that the store can reduce energy consumption by 25% and reduce the use of electricity by 760,000 kilowatt hours and carbon emission by the equivalent of 758 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Tesco says it is taking these energy saving measures to provide a healthier shopping environment for consumers and to lower the carbon emissions from its store. The company says it will invest more funds and technology to bring the updated energy-saving initiatives to all of its stores in China.

To date, Tesco has opened totally 12 outlets in five cities in northeast China. In addition, the company has 59 stores in 23 cities across China.

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