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HSBC China Publishes Social Responsibility Report

HSBC China has published its 2008 corporate social responsibility report detailing its activities on the Chinese mainland.

The report details HSBC China's CSR practice in many areas in China, including consumer finance education, ethical banking, protecting the environment, supporting education, social development promotion, and protecting employee's interests. It also introduces the commitment of the company's staff to CSR and charitable giving.

Referring to the global economic crisis, Richard Yorke, president of HSBC China, stated that difficult times are the best test of an enterprise's quality and commitment. He said that the bank's report shows that CSR is an important part of its long commitment to China and the sustainability of the banking industry and they hoped to share their experience and encourage more banks to adopt the best practices mentioned within this report. He added that their CSR programs have been widely supported by HSBC's employees and their latest survey shows that 98% of their employees are willing to participate in CSR activities.

Since being registered on the Chinese mainland in April 2007, HSBC China now has 79 sites across the country, including 19 branches and 60 sub-branches.

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