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More Than 40 Wuhan Restaurants Sell Diluted Juice

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, more than 40 restaurants in Wuhan are selling diluted juice to consumers.

The report says that more and more restaurants are now handing over the operation of their juice service to a third party with the restaurants providing space for the third-party contractors to sell their freshly-made juices on a profit sharing basis. However this is described not as fresh juice but as a so-called fresh juice mixture.

An investigation found that about half of the so-called fresh juice sold at restaurants in Wuhan is made up with water: and most consumers are unaware of this. It is reported that three companies: Baiguo Piaoxiang, Shuguo Qingyuan, and Shiji Xinglong are the main sellers of the mixture and they are direct contractors for juice sales at more than 40 restaurants in Wuhan are selling the product to juice distributors and restaurant operators.

The report says that many famous hotels and restaurants in Wuhan, including Hujin Restaurant, Xiang E Qing, San Wu Chun and other popular hot pot venues, western food outlets, and KCT are also using the same mixture to prepare juice for consumers.

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