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Wintery Shanghai Welcomes Sweet Baskin-Robbins To Town

American ice cream company Baskin-Robbins is slowly cornering a small sweet piece of business in China with its first store openings in Shanghai.

Though it has already opened outlets in other parts of China in recent months, the company opened its first two locations in Shanghai during the weeklong Chinese New Year holiday. A third Baskin-Robbins shop will open late February in Shanghai, bringing its number of shops in the country to 47. The Chinese name for Baskin-Robbins is "Ba Si Luo Bin".

The company has now granted franchise rights to Shaanxi Stellerich Food & Restaurant Company, a firm that plans to develop 100 shops in the Shanghai municipality and Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces over the next 10 years. Shaanxi Stellerich is also a franchise partner with Baskin-Robbins' sister brand, Dunkin' Donuts, in Guangdong province.

Shaanxi Stellerich, a Xi'an based company, has a long and established experience in China's fast food and quick-service restaurant industry. The company also operates concepts KFC; 3R3H; King-Coffee; Royal Kitchen Seafood and Shark Fin Restaurant; and Lao Tian Mu Soy Sauce Snacks.

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