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Kingdee To Acquire Retail Software Provider In China

Chinese enterprise management software and e-business application solution provider Kingdee International Software Group has announced plans to acquire the Shenzhen-based Sunsoft Software Technology Company.

A representative from the Kingdee Group said that the acquisition of Sunsoft is a long-term strategic investment of Kingdee, which shows that Kingdee will provide higher service value in the rapidly developing informatization market in the Chinese retail chain industry. At the same time, Kingdee will reinforce the bases of its talents, products, and customers by integration of industry manufacturers.

A representative from Sunsoft said at the signing ceremony that depending on Kingdee's brand and channel advantages, Sunsoft will help Kingdee to become a leading company in the enterprise resource planning market of the retail industry in the shortest time and to provide more comprehensive and better solutions to customers.

Founded in 2004, Sunsoft is a professional software company that is engaged in the development of application system of the retail chain industry. Its software products cover such areas as department stores, drugstore chains, home appliances stores, book and video shops, and food courts.

Neither Kingdee nor Sunsoft have mentioned the value of this acquisition.

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