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Dongyi Rising-sun To Open Experience Store In Zhengzhou

Chinese home decoration and construction products retailer Dongyi Rising-sun will open a new international home experience store in Zhengzhou, Henan.

Located on Zhongzhou Street, the new Dongyi Rising-sun experience store will combine interior design and product displays with a home supplies mart. In addition, it will have a batch of model rooms in different styles.

On the completion of this new store, consumers will be able to see different model rooms, experience different styles of designs, evaluate the quality and price of products, and easily get advice on interior design from Dongyi Rising-sun's resident designers.

Founded in 1996, Dongyi Rising-sun has over 20 branch offices and 41 franchise companies across China. The retailer currently has more than 1,000 interior designers and over 10,000 employees engaged in construction work.

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