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Beijing Tells Outlets To Cool Down

Four retail outlets in Beijing were listed in January as being over-heated and have been asked to turn their thermostats down.

From mid-January, Beijing's Energy-saving Inspection Team conducted a special check on the indoor temperatures of 16 public buildings including shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, and office buildings. Of these, 12 units were found to comply with the standards, while four others, including the KFC outlet in Jiuxianqiao, a McDonald's outlet in Jiuxianqiao, Hilton Beijing, and Scitech Department Store, were found to have an indoor temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius.

Beijing has ruled that no public building should have an indoor temperature of over 20 Celsius degrees in winter. This standard is set to conserve energy and safeguard public health.

Previously five large shopping malls and hotels in the city had been listed as overheated. Of these the Asia Hotel, Hulian Supermarket's Shijingshan Outlet, Jiamao Shopping Mall's Xizhimen Outlet, and the Beijing Tianlun Dynasty Hotel have adjusted their indoor temperatures to less than 20 degrees Celsius.

The energy-conservation watchdog said that consumers can call 01067669303 to report if they find any public venues that have a temperature higher than the stated standard.

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