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Capture and Penetrate the B2B Market with Proven Marketing Strategies in Today's Digital Age

Singapore (March 13, 2009) / — The Business-to-Business world has changed drastically. With the advent of new media and changing business landscapes, B2B marketers need to re-define their marketing strategies to stay relevant and resilient in today's challenging time!

To help B2B leaders to tackle and defy the unique business challenges in B2B marketing, Pacific Conferences is organising a 2-day Conference on "B2B Marketing in the Digital Age" from 5-6 May 2009 in Singapore. Speakers from American Express, Bosch, Motorola, Schott, Muvee Technologies, Ibis, and F5 Digital Consulting, will be going through key issues faced by B2B marketers such as lead generation, customer satisfaction, email marketing, social networking etc.

"New media has catapulted B2B marketing into a new era within a few years. It offers limitless possibilities for interactive communication with customers as well as for market intelligence to make smarter business decisions. The exciting thing is that we are just starting to discover what's possible," said conference speaker Claire Buckwar, Director of Marketing of Schott Electronic Packaging.

Claire will be sharing strategies on how Schott built up a global market intelligence system in today's digital age, and how it turned market intelligence results into business strategies.

Agreeing with Claire, conference speaker Sean Pang, Senior Manager of Regional Marketing from Bosch Security Systems, feels that B2B customers are increasingly expected to be reached by the same new media channels that influence them as a consumer.

"Remaining abreast on the latest new media tools, trends and best practices is vital for any B2B marketer trying to stay connected to their target audience." In his presentation, Sean will share how Bosch generated demand by involving partners while simultaneously tying them closer to Bosch, as well as the tools employed to track and measure the success of events marketing.

In today's tough economy where marketers are expected to minimise spendings and maximise the return on marketing investment, many are searching the best ways to reach out to customers. "New media, including social networking, is a reality for B2C as well as B2B companies," said Gregory Birge, Managing Director of F5 Digital Consulting.

"However, those new tools need to be understood and mastered before they can be properly used. This conference will give you a complete overview and tips on how to value add your businesses with social media effectively."

A speaker at this conference, Gregory will discuss how social network can create hype for businesses, as well as share the success story of FujiXerox's TransPromo website.

A conference not to be missed, this rare gathering for B2B marketers will be filled with fresh approaches, real-life case studies, and innovative ideas that will help B2B marketers to differentiate against competitors, gain share of voice, expand market share, and achieve higher return on investment and return on customers!

About the Conference

Title: "B2B Marketing in the Digital Age" Conference
Dates: 5 – 6 May 2009
Venue: Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore

For more information, please visit, or contact Ms. Lorraine Tiang at +65 6372 2201 or email [email protected]

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