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Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Stay On The Shelf In China

Johnson & Johnson China has held a press conference in Beijing, saying that tests by the company's quality department test show that Johnson & Johnson's baby products are safe, so there is no need to withdraw them from sale or recall them.

At the behest of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, the National Supervising & Testing Center for Cosmetics Quality recently checked 26 kinds of baby bathing products made by Johnson & Johnson — a total of 31 batches. The results showed that the formaldehyde content of these products falls within the stipulated limit and only a single batch of Baby Peach Bath, with the serial number B081210A/20111209, contained a small amount of p-dioxane.

Wang Meiying, the general manager of Johnson & Johnson, said that according to the relevant rules, it is inevitable for the product to acquire a slight amount of p-dioxane during the production process and this small quantity does not pose a health risk. Therefore, it is unnecessary for the company to recall the product.

After Johnson & Johnson products were said to contain formaldehyde and p-dioxane, many consumers reported that they had developed an allergy after using the products. Wang said that Johnson & Johnson would work with these consumers to look for the cause of their allergy and would offer them any help necessary — including a medical check-up.

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