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Dazhong To Build Electronics Shopping Mall In Beijing

Chinese electronics retailer Dazhong has announced plans to renovate its CCTV Tower flagship store into an electronics shopping mall, which is expected to be opened in the second half of April 2009.

Zhao Ruijie, general manager for Dazhong, told local media that the new store will be a modern electronics mart that can meet various demands. After the renovation and upgrade, the capacity and the sales of the shopping mall will be increased by 1.5 to 2 times, its ability to attract customers will be increased by over 25%, and its annual sales are expected to reach CNY2 billion.

Zhao said Dazhong will adopt the international standards to display the goods in the electronics shopping mall and it will arrange the products and brands in accordance to the shopping habits of consumers. In addition, it will set up themed consumer areas to enable customers to find what they need conveniently.

The products sold in the shopping mall will be more varied after the renovation. The share of computers, communications equipment, and consumer electronic products will be increased from the current 30% to 45% and other services like catering, health, and entertainment will also be introduced into the new store.

As one of the leading electronics chains in China, Dazhong has a significant market share in Beijing's electronics market. The CCTV Tower flagship store has one of the group's largest sales volume, the strongest profitability, and the largest range of brands.

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