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Kraft Says Salmonella Tainted Pistachios Not Sold In China

Kraft Foods has issued a global recall for products containing pistachio nuts which may be contaminated by salmonella, but Kraft China declares that these products have not been sold in China.

The problematic products are reported include Planters and Back to Nature, and these products are said to contain pistachio supplied by Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc. after September 1 2008, and these had been contaminated by salmonella.

Setton Pistachio stated that the pistachios were contaminated because the finished products had been mixed with unprocessed products. The company said it is now recalling more than 900 tons of these pistachio nuts across the United States and has closed the related factory.

Though Kraft Foods said that the products have not been sold in Chinese market, Chinese media has reported that some online stores at are selling them.

Salmonella is a common cause of food contamination. People affected by the salmonella may suffer from fever, diarrhea, or cramps and these symptoms may last for four to seven days.

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