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Chinese Lawyer Says Frozen Ningbo Dumplings Not The Real Thing

Three frozen food manufacturers, San Quan, Si Nian and Long Feng, have been sued for misleading advertisements.

Guo Li, a Chinese lawyer, has accused the three companies of infringing a consumer's right to be correctly informed by claiming their stuffed dumplings to be Ningbo Stuffed Dumplings (Ningbo Tangyuan) as their products are not made in Ningbo at all and the craft involved in the process of making their products is different from the traditional ways of making stuffed dumplings in Ningbo. Guo believes these manufacturers also harm to the reputation of Ningbo Stuffed Dumpling by so naming their products.

Guo asks that the defendants to stop using the name Ningbo Stuffed Dumpling on their product packaging and quit selling the products in question in addition to compensating him for the value of the goods he purchased.

However, the defendants claim that they use Ningbo Stuffed Dumpling on their package just to tell consumers that their products has the flavor of Ningbo Dumpling, but not intend to tell them the original place of production or trademark. What's more, they've already marked their company name and production address on their package, so there is no case of false advertising.

So far, there is no judgment on the lawsuit.

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