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Certain S. Korean LOCECN Cosmetics Recalled In China

Following the NUK baby powder case, South Korean LOCECN cosmetics have now been reported to contain the carcinogen actinolite and the Chinese distributor is recalling the suspect products.

According to The South Korean Food and Drug Administration, five varieties of LOCECN products used talc tainted with actinolite and the company has been asked to recall all these products.

LOCECN's Chinese distributor, Beijing Gaoli LOCECN Cosmetics Company, has announced that four varieties of these products have been sold in China and they have now been withdrawn from sale. Consumers can ask to return the goods in exchange for a shopping voucher.

The four substandard products sold in China are said to be LOCECN Face Color Intuice, LOCECN Blush, LOCECN Liquid Conceale and LOCECN Loose Powder. They are said to have used the same raw material as the substandard NUK baby power.

LOCECN entered Chinese market in 2001. To date, it has a dozen dealers in China. In Beijing, it has counters in New Zhongguan Shopping Center and Jinyuan Yansha Shopping Center.

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