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Consumer Information On Screen In Beijing's Malls

Electronic video displays are to be installed in 150 shopping malls and supermarkets and 19 large wholesale markets in Beijing by the end of this year to publish goods and food information.

According to an official from Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, the city will further regulate goods quality and food safety via the display screens. Apart from publicizing substandard products in a timely manner, these screens will also publish information on the resumption of sales of goods and recalls as well as highlight consumption alerts and other related information. The official said that the building of these display screens would be useful for cleansing the market environment and preventing and eradicating hidden trouble of goods quality and food safety to protect consumers.

The display screens will broadcast all day to offer the latest and most comprehensive information on problematic products and provide convenience for consumers to know about food safety.

Before the end of 2010, Beijing will install the display screens in all its smaller shopping malls, supermarkets and about 100 other trade markets.

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