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Japan's Kanebo To Expand Business In China

Japanese cosmetics company Kanebo has announced that, after a year's expansion, its manufacturing plant in Shanghai has been formally completed.

It is understood that to meet to the new rules of the cosmetics industry in China, Kanebo has renovated its Shanghai plant into a new type of factory that can meet the higher hygienic standards. At the same time, the company has enlarged its factory area by about 25% to expand its production capacity.

This plant is reportedly engaged in the production of cosmetic products specially developed for Chinese women under the brand name of Aqua and these products range from basic skin care products to make-up products. The target consumer group of Aqua is young office ladies in China.

Kanebo said it always looks on China as an important overseas market and the company's sales in China have increased continuously. Kanebo believes this development trend will continue, so it is increasing investments in China. The renovation of its Shanghai plant is aimed to improve its production capacity to meet the ever-enlarging market demands.

As a leading cosmetics company in Japan, Kanebo's products are sold to 52 countries and regions around the world. Since it set up the Shanghai plant in 2000, Kanebo has been actively developing its business in China.

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