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Substandard Paper Products Found In Beijing

The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce has released its latest test results on paper products sold in the city, which show that 35 kinds of paper goods, including facial tissues and disposable paper cups sold by Beijing MerryMart Supermart Hufangqiao Store, are substandard.

It is reported that BAIC conducted a spot check on paper goods like paper towels, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, and paper cups. The result shows that two kinds of paper towels, 26 kinds of sanitary napkins, one kind of baby diapers, and six kinds of paper cups are substandard. The substandard goods are said to include Xiao Bao Bei brand facial tissues and a disposable paper cup marked with Beijing Xinjin Youfa Technology Company sold by the MerryMart Supermarket, two types of paper cups sold by Little Sheep Supermarket No. 59 Store, one kind of sanitary napkin sold by Beijing Shuitun Agriculture & Byproduct Wholesale Market with the brand of Ruide, and three types of sanitary napkins sold by Beijing Longhua Jingyue Shopping Center.

BAIC states that the sanitary napkins are all substandard because of micro-organism content, and they may cause various gynecological diseases for female consumers who use them.

A detailed list of the unqualified goods can be found at BAIC's website:

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