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Media Report Heinz Foods Unhealthy For Children

According to reports in foreign media, a survey conducted by the British Children's Food Campaign shows that many Heinz products contain too much saturated fat, salt, and sugar, and hence they pose a threat to the health of children who eat them.

The Children's Food Campaign, reportedly started a survey entitled "junk food for babies" in March this year by reviewing more than 100 kinds of baby food. CFC found that about half of the food, including some produced by Heinz, contains high levels of saturated fast, salt, and sugar. CFC said that the sugar content of the surveyed Heinz products is more than 20%.

The spokesperson of CFC was quoted as saying that this result was shocking as most of the baby food manufacturers had claimed that their food are safe for small children, but they actually they contain more sugar and saturated fat than products regarded as junk food.

Currently, Heinz runs three holding companies in China. These companies are mainly engaged in producing infant's rice powder, milk power, and other non-staple foods. In September 2008, a type of DHA+AA vegetable formula nutrition rice powder made by Heinz was tested in Hong Kong and found to be tainted with melamine. The company subsequently declared that it would recall all products that failed the test.

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