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Thirty Retailers To Create Eco-business In Beijing

More than 30 retailers in Beijing have started a campaign to promote energy-conservation and green products and advocate energy-conservation and green consumption.

This event is associated with the 14th Business Technology Week. According to Beijing Municipal Business Commission, during this event, Beijing's retailers will promote energy-saving electronics products and organic food.

Wuyutai, Beijing's time-honored tea shop chain, will introduce the whole process of West Lake Longjing, including tea leaf picking, processing, delivery, and sales; electronics retailers such as Suning and Dazhong will promote inverter air-conditioners and energy-saving appliances at discounted prices; and supermarkets like Wal-Mart and Wu-Mart will recycle beverage bottles and encourage consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags.

A total of 13 specialty stores, 12 department stores, and seven large-scale supermarket chains participated in this one-week event.

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