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Carrefour China Completes Management Restructuring

The France-headquartered retail giant Carrefour has announced that its major management restructuring in China is complete.

Stephane Deutsch, the former financial director for Carrefour China, has assumed the post of general manager of Carrefour's South China area and vice president for Carrefour China; Pierre Bertholat, the former general manager for the South China area, becomes the general manager of the East China area; and Vincent Yen from Carrefour Taiwan becomes the new development director for the South China area.

Those are the major moves, following Carrefour's changing its global president, which suggest that Carrefour China plans to attach more importance to China's less developed areas and to its profitability.

In other changes, Patrick Ganaye, the former general manager for Carrefour's East China area, will become the executive director for Carrefour Taiwan; Patrice Moulin, the former development director for Carrefour China, will be promoted to financial director for Carrefour China; and Oliver Tollet, who was formerly in charge of market investigation, will replace Moulin as the new development director for Carrefour China.

In addition, a representative from Carrefour's Guangzhou market revealed that the company will open new outlets in Guangdong, Yunnan, and Hainan this year. At present, the retailer has five outlets in Guangzhou.

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