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China Telecom Beijing Opens Flagship Store On

China Telecom's Beijing branch has opened a flagship store on the Internet shopping website

The online store provides 3G terminal products such as 3G network interface cards, 3G mobile phones, and 3G netbooks as well as communications services such as wireless broadband service, 3G wireless packages, and voice service packages.

Compared with products sold in China Telecom's business halls, those in the online store are offered synchronously, but at lower prices. At present, the online store only targets users in Beijing.

If users buy products and services from China Telecom's online store, they can gain discounted prices, free delivery within the Beijing area, and other perks. All products sold in the online store will enjoy a twelve-month nationwide warranty.

According to reports in local Chinese media, China Telecom Beijing also plans to set up specialty stores on Tencent's and Baidu's Internet shopping platform Youa. Prior to this, China Telecom had reached channel cooperation with several e-commerce websites, including,, and Joyo Amazon.

Public statistics show that over 74 million Chinese netizens do online shopping. In 2008, China's online trading scale reached CNY130 billion, a year-on-year increase of over 130%. The total sales scale of online trading is expected to reach CNY230 billion in 2009, almost twice as that of 2008.

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