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Market Operators Held Responsible For Illegal Use Of Plastic Bags

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has issued an emergent circular which says that retailing markets shall be held responsible when retailers in the markets provide substandard plastic bags or plastic bags free of charge.

SAIC states that some agricultural markets in the country are still providing free plastic bags to consumers despite the government's plastic ban which was enacted on June 1, 2008.

SAIC asks the management division of retailing markets to arrange a special telephone number for consumers to report on the violators and to publicize the plastic ban in prominent areas of the market in addition to signing a letter of indemnity with the retailers on responsibilities resulted from a violation to the plastic ban. In addition, SAIC says that markets should set up a special counter to sell qualified plastic bags and offer standard packages for food products.

SAIC said that markets are held responsible once a retailer in the markets is found to provide substandard or free plastic bags and they may even be exposed in the media.

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