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Tianjin Goubuli To Open First Outlet In Taiwan

Chinese time-honored steamed stuffed bun brand Goubuli has signed a letter of intent with Taiwan Jianhua Group to jointly open Goubuli's first restaurant in Taiwan's Taichung city.

The new restaurant is slated to open at the end of 2009.

In addition, under the letter of intent, the two parties will set up a joint venture in Taiwan and Tianjin Goubuli will provide skill transfer and brand authorization rights for the sale of relevant products; and will also provide management and human resource support to the joint venture.

Zhang Yansen, chairman of the Tianjin Goubuli Group, told local media that Goubuli's restaurant in Taiwan will focus on steamed stuffed buns and the company's featured dishes. All the food will be processed with traditional skills and Goubuli will send chefs to give training of these traditional skills in the Taiwan restaurant.

Founded in 1858, Goubuli currently markets more than one hundred kinds of steamed stuffed buns of six series. Over 150 years of development, Tianjin Goubuli Group has developed into a comprehensive food group that incorporates hotels, fast food, food factory, schools, and logistics.

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