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Wal-Mart Opens Convenience Stores In Shenzhen

According to reports in local media, the U.S.-based retailer Wal-Mart has started to tap China's convenience store market with a new brand "Huixuan".

With a store area of 300 square meters each, the three convenience stores are a part of a pilot program launched by Wal-Mart to explore China's fast growing retail markets.

Wal-Mart's convenience stores aim to provide quality and low-price products to consumers from local communities. The product structures of these stores will be decided by the needs of different target consumers and can be flexibly adjusted to meet customer demand.

A representative from Wal-Mart revealed that the new convenience store model is still under a trial and the company has not decided a specific number of new stores. If these convenience stores perform well in their trial operation, Wal-Mart may expand this new business model to other Chinese cities.

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