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China Telecom Opens Online Store On Baidu Youa

Youa, Chinese search engine company's online shopping platform, has announced that China Telecom Beijing has opened an official flagship store on its website, focusing on 3G mobile products.

To enable China Telecom Beijing to complete registration and open its online store as soon as possible, Youa has opened an express channel for the company. The Youa flagship store of China Telecom Beijing mainly sells 3G products, including 3G mobile phones, netbooks, netbook packages, and recharging cards. Other communication services, covering wireless broadband, 3G wireless Internet products, and voice service packages, are also available in the online store.

At present, all of the products sold in the online store target China Telecom's users in Beijing.

A representative from China Telecom Beijing told local media that the cooperation with Youa is a part of the company's e-commerce distribution of its 3G services. With the cooperation, it is expected to set up a sales terminal as well as a direct bridge to its users.

Prior to this, China Telecom Beijing launched an official flagship store on in June this year.

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