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Lanzhou To Build 100 Rural Supermarkets Before October

According to Lanzhou Bureau of Commerce, the city will allocate special funds to build 100 convenience supermarkets in its rural areas and the project will be completed before October 1, 2009.

These supermarkets will be better than normal rural supermarkets designated by the bureau and more than 500 kinds of products will be available in these stores.

Since the beginning of a rural market development scheme in 2006, Lanzhou has set up 436 rural supermarkets, covering 40% of its administrative villages. The revenue contributed by these supermarkets has reached CNY140 million, benefiting 400,000 villagers.

Under the direction of the government, sites for the 100 new supermarkets are being selected. A business training course targeting owners of these supermarkets and the persons in charge of this project started on July 22. By the end of August, 2009 the construction of these supermarkets is expected to be finished and by the end of September, these supermarkets will be checked and approved by the Bureau of Commerce.

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