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Universities across China complete online learning pilot programs

Beijing, China (July 31, 2009) / — Intelligent People Solutions (IPS) launched Web Based Computer Programming Instruction pilot programs with 15 universities in China. The pilot programs began in February of 2009 and included universities in Shanxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Liaoning and Special Administrative Regions, Beijing and Shanghai.

The pilot programs introduced Codelab to Chinese Introductory Programming Students; Codelab is a web-based interactive programming exercise system for introductory programming classes in Python, Java, C++, C and other languages. IPS assisted universities participating in the pilot program by customizing Codelab content to match each school's syllabus and textbook requirements.

"The customization work was actually quite easy as many of the schools used text books written in the West. It was gratifying however to see how quickly Chinese students grasped the programming concepts and moved on to more advanced exercises," commented David Arnow, lead developer for Codelab.

The Ministry of Education in China reports over 2.3 million students enroll in introductory programming courses each year. University enrollments are on the rise and vocational and independent universities, which are joint ventures between State Schools and Private organizations, have benefitted the most by accommodating students who are not eligible to enter into a State university.

"By establishing the reputation of learning tools, like Codelab, with State run Universities, we are positioning our self for the much more lucrative private education market", remarked Alistair McArthur, Sales and Marketing Director for IPS. "Less than two thirds of university graduates are employable, but their families are more than willing to invest in educational and vocational resources that will provide their children an advantage, and that is the market IPS is targeting".

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