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Taiyuan To Subsidize Retailers To Use Energy-saving Lights

According to Taiyuan Bureau of Commerce, retailers that use energy-saving lights will gain a 50% subsidy from the government.

In 2008, Taiyuan was designated a pilot city along with nine other cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Shenyang, in a nationwide retail industry energy-saving campaign initiated by the Ministry of Commerce and launched a series of energy-saving activities. In 2009, Taiyuan's retail industry is also included in the range of the country's efficient lighting products subsidy scheme.

So far, Taiyuan Bureau of Commerce has issued a notice to local retailers, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, and asked these retailers to report their demands for energy-saving lighting products. The retailers will be able to gain a 50% subsidy for the energy-saving lighting products they purchase.

Retail enterprises consume lots of power and about 80% of the power is electrical energy. With the use of energy-saving lighting products, Taiyuan's retail industry will save electricity costs of CNY60 million each year.

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