Retailing, Franchising, and Consumerism Business Intelligence in China a New Marketplace for Gamers

Monte-Carlo, Monaco (August 10, 2009) / — Gamers playing the popular massively multi-player online games can now earn real money from their 'virtual goods' by selling direct to each other. aims to become the premier destination for both buyers and sellers of 'virtual goods' and services for hugely successful games such as World of Warcraft. Players can sell their game's currency, accounts, power-levelling services and anything else in demand.

Unlike most sites selling in-game gold (the currency for many of the biggest MMO's such as World of Warcraft) or other services, puts players in direct contact with each other and removes any middleman. "Quite often, the Chinese and other Gold farmers playing these games for money are only paid a small percentage of the real value for their virtual goods and services" founder Alistair says. "We aim to put any player, from whatever country, in direct contact with others around the world… allowing them to realise the maximum value from their hard work. Why sell at wholesale prices when you can now sell direct?!"

Already with minimal marketing the site has attracted hundreds of people looking to buy and sell on PWNex is also on Twitter and already boasts nearly 2000 followers.

Alistair is pleased with the first signs of life for the new Web site: "Transactions are already taking place daily! Clearly there is a need for such an independent market place. We take no commission and will only charge once out of Beta for regular sellers to market their goods/services more effectively to the audience we are building. I invite all gamers or professional game 'farmers' to try our service out!"

Many gamers do not realise the value of their account, hours of game play or in-game knowledge/capability. This is a whole new industry that has only just begun; may become a real source of income for 100,000's of players. Good news in a Global recession!


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