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Taiwan: 368 Stores Accept UnionPay Cards

According to Taiwan's financial regulatory department, 368 stores in Taiwan have installed UnionPay's terminals to accept bank card and credit card payments from mainland consumers.

Reports in Taiwanese media said that the financial regulatory department had amended its Regulations Governing Approvals of Banks to Engage in Financial Activities Between the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area on July 15, 2009 and now formally allows Taiwanese credit card service providers to apply to process payment with UnionPay cards.

The department said that the Taiwanese National Credit Card Center has gained approval to operate this new service and mainland travelers can now pay with their UnionPay cards in Taiwan.

Statistics provided by the National Credit Card Center show that 368 stores currently can accept payments with UnionPay cards and these stores are mainly in popular tourism and shopping sites such as A-li Mountain, Sun Moon Lake, Taipei Palace Museum, and Taipei 101 department store.

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