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China's Buynow Online Store Goes Live

Chinese technology products retail chain Buynow has formally launched its online store after a long period of preparation.

The new online store of Buynow is reportedly not a simple platform for the online operation of the retailer's physical stores. Instead, it will be an independent channel and service provider that purchases products from Buynow's physical stores and some manufacturers.

A representative from Buynow's e-commerce department told local media that apart from some specially offered products which are directly purchased from manufacturers, most of the products sold on are from Buynow's physical stores. Consumers who want to buy these products do not need to contact the owners of physical stores and can fully complete the transactions, distributions, and after-sale services via the online store alone.

In addition, the representative said the online store of Buynow has reached pricing agreements with the owners of these physical stores to ensure their profit and the interests of consumers. The Internet store will not compete with these physical stores, but will enlarge their sales, reduce their costs for online management, and ensure the after-sales service quality for consumers.

The Buynow online store is a project of the Taiwan-based Clevo, a developer and manufacturer of notebook computers, and this e-commerce project is operated by the newly established Shanghai Buynow Online Information Technology Company.

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