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Carrefour China To Invest CNY60 Million In Energy Conservation

According to a representative from the asset engineering department of Carrefour China, the French-headquartered retailer plans to invest between CNY50 million and CNY60 million in energy-saving renovation in its Chinese outlets in 2010.

The representative said energy-saving renovation and construction have recently become major issues for traditional retail enterprises. Over two years of energy-saving renovation, Carrefour's energy consumption was reduced significantly in 2008 compared with the situation in 2005 and yielded savings of about CNY100 million.

It is said that Carrefour's main area of energy consumption are lighting, air-conditioning, and refrigeration. Currently, it has 139 outlets in China and all these stores are undergoing energy-saving renovations by implementing new technologies and enhancing energy management.

The goal for these Carrefour stores is to reduce energy consumption by over 10% in 2009.

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