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Chengdu Sets Up Retailers Association

Retail enterprises in Chengdu have recently set up their own industry organization: Chengdu Retailers Association.

Initiated by well-know local retailers in Chengdu, the association will become a bridge between the government and the industry while leading the development of the retail enterprises in Chengdu.

According to reports in local media, there are currently over 60,000 registered retail enterprises in Chengdu and 30 of them have become members of the association, covering department stores, home appliances stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and home supplies stores.

Representatives from Hongqi Chain Store, Carrefour, Renhe Spring, and Itochu gathered for the making of a retail development plan, in which retailers in Chengdu will learn from each other and integrate their resources to jointly develop the local retail industry.

Meanwhile, the association also formulated and published a convention to protect the legal rights and interests of consumers and operators, and to encourage fair competition.

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