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Infosys Aids Tesco Build Customer Loyalty In China

International retailer Tesco has reached cooperation with Infosys to increase Tesco's customer loyalty in China.

Under the cooperation, Infosys' operations in China will provide information technology service solutions and distribute a network-based customer loyalty management system for Tesco to help the retailer improve the operating efficiency of its retail chain stores in China and enhance its customer loyalty in the Chinese market.

Tesco's new customer loyalty management system will reportedly combine with its existing system and be put into use in Tesco's chain stores across China. With this move, customers who manage their personal accounts via Tesco's website will gain better experiences. The customized membership system allows Tesco's members to receive direct marketing coupons in accordance to their preference and recommend their friends to be new members of Tesco.

According to Anurag Pandey, Tesco China's information technology director, over three million customers shop at Tesco every week, which shows the great potential of the Chinese market. To meet the ever-increasing demands of the Chinese customers, Tesco will constantly enhance its relationship with customers. The cooperation with Infosys will help Tesco achieve this goal.

Apart from maintaining the relationship with its customers, Tesco's new system will be able to reduce its expenditure on the maintenance and management of servers. In addition, Tesco will depend on Infosys' other services to re-design its business process and evaluate its technical infrastructure.

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