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Carrefour To Buy More Local Fruit And Veg In Chongqing

According to Eric Legros, the CEO of Carrefour China, the company plans to enhance purchase of agricultural products from Chongqing and the French retailer is expected to buy fruit and vegetables to a value of over CNY100 million in the city in 2010.

Legros said Carrefour will set up a local purchase team in Chongqing. At present, procurement staff of Carrefour buy fresh fruit and vegetables valued at CNY40 million directly from farms in Chongqing every year, and this accounts for 30% of the fresh products sold in Carrefour's supermarkets in Chongqing. The ratio will increase to 60% in 2010 and the total purchased value is expected to reach over CNY100 million.

Legros revealed that Carrefour's cooperation with Chongqing's small and medium-sized enterprises this year will focus on the connection of its supermarkets with the rural areas in Chongqing. These areas will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to Carrefour; in return, Carrefour will offer training related to agricultural technologies, fertilization, and food security to farmers in these areas.

So far, Carrefour has opened four outlets in Chongqing and its fifth supermarket in the city will open in Yuanjiagang this October. In 2010, there will be a new Carrefour store in Nanping.

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