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Internet News Monitoring Gets Boost In China With New API

Shanghai, China (October 19, 2009) / —, the leading free Chinese social media news monitoring tool for the public relations professionals and a service of, has unveiled an Application Programming Interface ( ) to both allow Web 2.0 product developers around the world access to's database index of Chinese Web monitoring and to allow Chinese print media monitoring companies to have greater reach with their own products.

The API gives developers and media monitoring companies two ways to enhance their own technology services:
1) By querying's database index, Web 2.0 developers can create customized feeds of the latest Chinese-language Web news and social media monitoring. Developers can use this data to enhance websites by providing related information, or developers can integrate the data streams into their own monitoring applications.

2) China has hundreds of print media monitoring companies, and many of those companies provide their corporate clients with summarized and scanned images of Chinese newspapers, journals, and magazines. Chinese print monitoring companies who want to enhance their revenue potential can work with the API to have index the summaries and thumbnail images of the scanned media monitoring. When users query the database, they will be directed to the media monitoring companies' own websites where users can purchase one-off products from those companies. is also working on a system that will eventually enable media monitoring companies who lack their own purchasing system to sell their print monitoring products via That system is planned to be rolled out in early 2010.

"Unlike Europe or North America, there are no big print media monitoring companies in China. Instead, there are hundreds and hundreds of small regional players who can benefit from using the API to sell more of their product. We want to help them expand their reach and generate more revenue," says Danny Levinson, CEO of BDL Media, owner of and "At the same time, we have opened our database to Web 2.0 developers who want to integrate our data into their applications." is a service of BDL Media's, a leading press release distribution service in China. Xinwengao means "Press Release" in Chinese. Providing clients with greater online visibility in Chinese media, offers small and medium-sized businesses in China with a cost-effective means to enhance their online profiles. provides an online Media CRM database with over 10,000 Chinese Media Accounts and 12,000 Chinese Media Contacts to aid public relations professionals target their brands in China. is also currently finishing up a beta test on its new online media monitoring dashboard application, and that will be released in Q4 2009. For more information, visit or

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