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Website For Chinese Institutional Investors Starts Operation In China

Shanghai, China (October 20, 2009) / — With focus on China now because it will soon launch a new stock exchange in Shenzhen there is greater need for news about investment for institutions in China and that is what (means "Institutional Investing" in Chinese) is doing now as a new online website in China. aims to aggregate news for institutional investors in one Chinese language medium to include social political news, financial news, news from overseas outside China, legal news and other news from high-level sources in China that make institutional investors make decisions more accurately and more intelligently.

China's Nasdaq-style Growth Enterprises Market is planning to launch at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 23 and then the first companies will be listed on it on October 30. Much excitement has been part of this new market because it is also expected to drive the demand for ancillary services from law firms, consultants, and analysts. This will help drive smaller start-ups to seek funding on the markets and provide institutional investors more ability to diversity their investments in China.

As the website grows it will add more outside sources and partners to create one site online for Chinese news fit for consumption for Chinese institutional investment firms.

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