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U-Tron And San An Technology Cooperate On Energy-saving Lighting In China

Beijing, China (October 20, 2009) / — U-Tron (Beijing) announces today that it has signed a cooperation contract with San An Technology Ltd. to jointly provide energy-saving turnkey street lighting solutions to Chinese government users. The agreement combines U-Tron's Lucas LED lighting products with San An Technology's auto control technology for street lights.

San An Technology is about to implement a pilot project on a street in South China, combining its control technology with 40 units of U-Tron Lucus LED street lights to demonstrate the effectiveness of the companies' joint solution prior to installing the system extensively across China.

When signing the contract Raja Magasweran, the managing director of U-Tron commented, "This is a major step for energy conservation in China. The combination of San An Technology's systems, which ensure optimum light levels at all times, with our LED technology will enable the two companies to offer the very best turnkey solutions for street lighting in China." He added, "I am looking forward to future meetings with China's city governments as we demonstrate the effectiveness of our joint solutions.

About U-Tron
U-Tron (Beijing) Electronics Co. Ltd., was established in 1992 as a WOFE in Beijing, China. The company was 100% funded by investments from an American Company, China Business Associates. The main purpose was to bring U.S. developed technology products to China for manufacturing and localization. Today U-Tron has 1,000 square meters of office space in the Central Business District of Beijing and an 1,800 square meter factory employing 50 + people in the Beijing Development Area (BDA) of Yi Zhuang district.
For more information contact:
Raja Magasweran (China Toll Free #) 400-262-1806 or e-mail [email protected]

About San An Technology Ltd.
San An Technology Ltd. is a company based in Liaoning in northeastern China that focuses on technology for controlling outdoor lighting. Currently San An Technology has a market share of approximately 80% of their focus market.

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