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New-style Gome Outlet Opens In Wuchang

Chinese electronics retailer Gome has announced that its first home appliances supermarket will be opened in Zhongnan, Wuchang.

The new Gome home appliances supermarket is a re-establishment based on the original Gome Zhongnan flagship store, one of the largest flagship stores of Gome Wuhan. With a business area of 18,000 square meters and annual sales of CNY300 million, the Gome Zhongnan flagship store was previously closed for the renovation and will be developed into a diversified and fashionable home appliances mart, said Lv Hongxi, the general manager for Gome Wuhan.

Lv revealed that during the renovation of this store, Gome will make large changes in product variety, display methods, and background operation model. On the completion of the overall changes, Gome Zhongnan store will have over 30,000 products, including over 10,000 3C products; its product displays will be customer-oriented to provide convenience to consumers; and it will adopt more detailed categories to divide its products.

In addition, the new Gome Zhongnan store will introduce more brand home appliances products to provide consumers with more cost-effective and suitable products.

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