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Liaoning Xinglong Joins IGA

The Liaoning-based supermarket retailer Xinglong Happy Family has joined the Independent Grocers Alliance, the worldwide voluntary supermarket chain organization.

During IGA's second member meeting held in Nanjing, Xinglong formally signed an agreement with Dr. Thomas Haggai, the chairman of IGA Worldwide, and Zhang Haixia, the chairman for IGA China, marking its entry into the alliance.

Li Weilong, the chairman of Xinglong, expressed his positive attitude towards the cooperation and said he hopes the company can achieve rapid and healthy development with the help of various parties.

Founded in 1926, Independent Grocers Alliance is said to be the world's largest voluntary supermarket chain, whose members can use the IGA brand without giving up their own brands. At present, IGA has over 6,000 stores and 100 distribution centers in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, and Japan.

IGA China was founded in 2005. To date, it has developed 15 branches in ten provinces and three municipalities in China, with over 2,500 outlets and annual sales of CNY40 billion.

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