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Chongqing Launches China's First Food And Entertainment Service Standard

The Chongqing municipal quality supervision department has released a document to regulate the local food service providers.

Jointly compiled by the Chongqing municipal quality supervision department, Nan'an District Quality Supervision Bureau, and Nanbin Road Management Commission, the document, which is called "Chongqing Nanbin Road Food Service Standard" and is said to be the first food and entertainment service standard in China, consists of 21 criteria under 10 categories, covering the basis for service, service quality, service safety, and service management.

The standard requires the staff of food service providers must possess a certificate from junior middle school or above and those who have not achieved the required level of educational qualification shall take relevant training before they can start work.

In addition, the standard requires all catering venues to use internationally accepted signs and symbols for public guidance.

Though the standard is not compulsory, the quality department says that it will offer favorable conditions to companies that follow the standard, and it urges companies that are slow to implement the standard to gradually meet the criteria set in the standard.

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