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Delegates Prepare For The First Upcoming Green Fuels And Vehicles China 2010

Innovation and Industrialization in the Era of Coexisting Alternative Fuel and Conventional Vehicles

Shanghai, China (December 07, 2009) / — IGVision's Green Fuels & Vehicles China 2010 is set to take place in Shanghai, China, on April 8-9, 2010 and serve as a unique platform for the innovation and industrialization of alternative fueled vehicles.

This conference will focus on the alternative fuels and vehicles and green conventional auto industries will highlight updated policy and market outlooks; technical innovations; operational and management experiences of alternative fuels; hybrid vehicles; electric vehicles; battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; conventional autos; powertrains; engines and emission controls to enlighten the relevant industry participants with long-term technical and business insights, providing an unparalleled global networking platform.

This time, the high-profile event will consist of 200+ top professionals from global fuels and vehicles sector including government authorities, auto manufacturers, battery producers, fuel manufacturers, suppliers, energy providers, environmental institutes, transportation institutes, engineering consulting companies, technical solution suppliers, equipment providers, software providers, investors, and accounting and legal firms.

Green Fuels & Vehicles China 2010 is a unique platform gathering 30+ eminent speakers & panelists in the industry; 25+ representative countries and regions; 25+ original equipment manufacturers; and a compelling project showcase.

The high-profile event will focus on the following issues: Examining the industrialization and commercialization of electric vehicles in China; the innovation of hybrid engine technology of utilizing advanced fuels and battery technologies; guidance for new energy giants to well cooperate with OEMs; the feasibility and challenges in building battery charging station in China; what role does advanced technical powertrain play in the alternative vehicles; what is the right path to accelerate battery industrialization to promote alternative vehicles; the Future market opportunities and challenges ofChina conventional auto industry.

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