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China's To Launch Three Customized Mobile Phones, the Internet shopping subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has announced that it will cooperate with Lenovo, China Telecom, and TCL to launch three types of customized mobile phone products, which are expected to be put into the market at the beginning of 2010.

According to official files from, the customized mobile phone launched with Lenovo is called "Lingsu" with the model number Lenovo i61; the one launched with China Telecom is called "Fengyun" with the model number Hisense E6; and the one launched with TCL is called "Wushuang" with the model number Alcatel OT800.

These three mobile phone products will cary the logo and will be implanted with the latest version of Taobao's mobile client programs, allowing vendors to operate their online shops and consumers to purchase goods from the website via mobile phones.

Lu Liang, the general manager of Taobao's wireless business department, told local media that based on brand cooperation, Taobao's partnership with China Telecom is an important step to enhance its wireless strategy. Since China Telecom has a mature 3G infrastructure coverage and a stable user group, the cooperation will lay a good foundation for Taobao's future development in the wireless sector.

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